Report: Trump, Barr may be planning crackdown on Big Tech

Reigning in the tech giants may be the one issue Democrats and Republicans both agree on right now.

For that reason, some experts believe that President Donald Trump, through Attorney General Bill Barr, may strike at Big Tech on his own to purposely end one of Democrat presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren’s main talking points, Reuters reports.

Break them up

It is not exactly a secret that companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon have created a monopoly on tech. But it is not so much their growth that is the problem as it is the way they manipulate the markets.

In the case of Amazon, the marketplace sells goods from other suppliers, then, the company buys products in bulk to undercut everyone else selling on its marketplace.

In the case of Facebook, its current algorithms limit what content people can see, even when they have signed up as a fan of the page. Now, Facebook is outlawing political ads, a move that is being fought by the Trump administration.

Google is doing much the same, limiting exposure for some groups while giving maximum exposure to others by manipulating search algorithms.

Simply put, these companies have all become far too powerful and have proven they are incapable of properly using that power.

Barr strikes

Breaking up the tech companies is one of Warren’s major campaign talking points, but it may be gone from her agenda soon.

Because this is a bipartisan issue, it will not be very hard for Trump to get support in both the House and Senate if he decides to move forward with putting some type of leash on any or all of these companies.

Barr reportedly already has some components in place to take this battle on, which led the experts to believe a move is coming soon. Reuters reports that Barr “launched a probe in July into whether the sheer size of market-leading online platforms has stifled innovation and reduced competition.”

While this issue would not be resolved for years, it would allow Trump to steal Warren’s thunder as well as working as a great way to deflect away from any negative impeachment coverage in the media.

It is a perfect example of killing two birds with one stone — and it looks like it may be an opportunity that is far too good for Trump to pass up.

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