Report: Trump admin issues nationwide ban on evictions

President Donald Trump’s administration issued a nationwide ban on evictions on Tuesday, The Hill reported.

Under the new order, Americans who have lost income due to coronavirus-related shutdowns — and whose incomes fall under a maximum threshold — will no longer have to worry about being evicted from their homes this year.

Tenants will still be required to pay the rent according to their lease, but can request to be exempt from eviction through the end of 2020, according to The Hill’s report.

“Helping hardworking Americans”

Thanks to widespread shutdowns prompted by COVID-19, millions of Americans have had their work lives disrupted or have lost their jobs entirely. Democrats, for their part, have spent months playing politics and delaying crucial measures that could provide some relief.

But instead of playing politics, President Trump is getting work done.

The issue of rent has been contentious, as both landlords and tenants need money. The Trump administration’s decision to halt evictions, but still require payment on the lease at some point, strikes a solid middle ground.

That was the message shared by White House spokesman Brian Morgenstern this week.

President Trump is committed to helping hardworking Americans stay in their homes and combating the spread of the coronavirus,” Morgenstern said, according to The Hill.

He went on: “Today’s announcement from his administration means that people are struggling to pay rent and risk further spreading of exposure to the disease, due to economic hardship.”

Making a difference

According to The Hill, it will be up to local courts to adjudicate disputes, and tenants will have to meet a series of criteria in order to have their evictions blocked.

The Hill reported:

In order to qualify for the eviction protection, a tenant must declare that their 2020 income will fall below the threshold set out in the order; they’ve sought all potential sources of federal housing aid; and that they cannot afford to pay the rent due to a pandemic-related job loss or expense despite their best efforts to do so.

It’s nice to know that President Trump and those in his administration are doing their parts to help Americans in need amid COVID-19. It’s a shame, however, that we can’t expect the same from Democrats in Congress, who seem to be more concerned about their partisan agendas than the people they represent.

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