Trump backs off Pence 2024 endorsement

The hosts of Fox & Friends tried to get some forward-thinking by Trump regarding the 2024 election, but Trump did not bite.

When asked if he would endorse Pence in 2024 if Pence decided to run for President, Trump refused to commit.

A Long Time Away

To be fair to Trump, the question itself was not a realistic or fair one to ask.

When asked the question, Trump stated, “You’re talking about a long time. You can’t put me in that position.” Trump is dead right here, as a lot can change over the course of six years.

Furthermore, before Pence can even consider a handoff, they need to win 2020 first. If they lose this election, the entire political landscape of the party will be changing.

Even taking all of that into consideration, Trump stated as of this moment, Pence would still get very serious consideration from him.

2024 Elections

As stated above, the situation itself would dictate where Trump would land on a candidate. It’s also a very big assumption that Pence even wants to run for president as well as if he would, in fact, be the best candidate

Trump chose Pence as his running mate primarily to appeal to evangelicals, a demographic in which Trump initially lacked support.

Together, they were an unbeatable team in 2016, but Pence may not have the dynamic as the front-runner to win a presidential election.

There is also the question of several high-profile candidates sitting in the wings waiting for a shot, or even a second shot at the White House. Ted Cruz and Nikki Haley are two big names that come to mind.

But, as Trump stated, it is far too early to start worrying about 2024.

We need to get past the 2020 election and hope that in addition to Trump winning re-election, Republicans manage to get the House back.

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