Trump says he’d ‘like to see’ Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson join forces

Get ready for Democrats to accuse President Donald Trump of trying to influence a foreign election.

Breitbart reports that during an interview with Brexit party leader Nigel Farage on his radio show, Trump decided to openly throw his support behind the Brexit leaders, and encouraged Farage to partner up with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, stating, “I’d like to see you and Boris get together.”

The Brexit Movement

When Brexit first started, Trump fully supported the idea of Britain leaving the EU.

As president, Trump has stated the trade deals that would be put in place if Britain were to leave the EU would be far greater than any trade deal in history.

While the Brexit vote passed, Britain has continuously failed to actually leave the EU, failing in three votes thus far to honor its commitment to the people.

Light Criticism

One of the reasons Trump may have been buttering up Farage is because he does not like the deal being made by Johnson with the EU. Some of the stipulations would prevent an outright trade deal from being put in place between the United States and Britain, something Trump called “ridiculous.”

Trump also took the opportunity to squelch any rumors that he was trying to influence the British health care system. Trump stated, “No, not at all. We wouldn’t even be involved in that, no.

“It’s not for us to have anything to do with your healthcare system, no, we’re just talking about trade.”

Keeping Up Relations

President Trump also complimented Queen Elizabeth, who has openly expressed her support for Brexit. Trump’s affinity for the Queen is no secret, so it was not a surprise to hear him call her an “incredible woman.”

It was, however, a surprise to hear him be so complimentary towards Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who have both taken shots at Trump.

Trump called Harry a “fine young man,” and added that he felt bad for the couple because they are taking the recent criticism in the media “very personally.”

Don’t worry, though, because somehow, someway, the media will figure out a way to spin this entire interview and make Trump out to be the bad guy.

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