Trump attorney Michael van der Veen targeted, home vandalized

Former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial was not only the fastest in American history, but it also went off without a hitch, as Trump was easily acquitted as many predicted he would be.

However, some of those involved in the Senate trial portion of the impeachment, like Trump’s attorney Michael van der Veen, have experienced serious disruption to their lives as a result of defending the former president, including having his home vandalized, as well as attacks against his legal firm, Fox News reported. 


Van der Veen’s wife reported that their home was vandalized on Friday night, revealing that arrows had been spray-painted on their driveway pointing to their home, with the word “traitor” painted in red next to it.

“My home was attacked,” van der Veen told Fox News on Saturday. “To answer your question, my entire family, my business, my law firm are under siege right now.”

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, protesters recently gathered in front of van der Veen’s Philadelphia law office, chanting “When van der Veen lies, what do you do? Convict. Convict.”

The situation has reportedly escalated to the point that van der Veen has been forced to hire private security to guard his home and his family.

Others targeted

Officers from the West Whiteland Township Police Department have increased patrols around the van der Veen’s residence, though Detective Scott Pezick told Fox News that they haven’t spotted any suspicious activity during those patrols.

Van der Veen isn’t the only attorney working for the former president who has experienced a nasty response to his work on the impeachment trial.

Fellow attorney Bruce Castor said he also has been targeted because of his work on Trump’s impeachment defense.

“It’s been very unsettling. Mr. van der Veen’s house was vandalized last night,” Castor told Fox News.

“My house was the subject of unrest,” he continued. “These people are lawyers and they expect to do their jobs without having fear for their personal safety.”

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