Trump attorney Joe Tacopina withdraws from his defense team

By Jen Krausz on
 January 17, 2024

Former President Donald Trump attorney Joe Tacopina has withdrawn from defending Trump on any legal matters, according to ABC News.

"I withdrew on all matters," Tacopina told the outlet on Monday.

Tacopina represented Trump in the Manhattan case alleging he made illegal hush money payments, and also was handling the appeal of the E. Jean Carroll defamation case in which she was awarded $5 million.

Tacopina wrote to Judge Juan Merchan in the Manhattan criminal case, "I write to respectfully inform the Court that my firm, Chad Seigel and I hereby withdraw as counsel for Defendant Donald J. Trump in this proceeding,"

Experienced attorney

He was not the lead counsel on the case but was an integral part of the legal team and had a lot of experience with high-profile cases, including representing Alex Rodriguez, Fox News host Sean Hannity and rapper A$AP Rocky.

Tacopina didn't say what caused him to withdraw from representing Trump.

Trump has plenty of other lawyers on his team, which he will need as he faces four criminal indictments totaling 91 charges along with several civil cases.

The largest and most serious civil case against him wrapped up arguments last week; Judge Arthur Engoron seems poised to levy a fine that could total hundreds of millions of dollars against Trump for supposedly inflating the values of his properties in order to get more loans and loans at lower interest rates. The decision should be made by January 31, Engoron said.

The penalty

The state of New York argued that Trump got out of paying at least $370 million in interest on the loans because of his deception, but Trump argued that he put disclaimers on his financial statement and no one really believed the numbers were necessarily accurate.

All the loans were paid back fully and on time, he further argued. No harm, no foul, and he didn't do anything that many other business owners also did routinely, and were not prosecuted, he said.

Engoron started the trial on the first day by ruling Trump did engage in fraud, the trial has been to determine the extend of that fraud and the penalty.

In addition to a $370 million fine, the state is asking that Trump be barred from buying real estate there for five years and that he and his children be barred from running their own company or any other company in the state for at least five years, or maybe forever.

Trump can obviously use all the legal help he can get to fight all the charges against him, so losing a lawyer right now cannot be a positive for him.

However, he will surely have no trouble finding another one.

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