Trump attacks California governor for pardoning criminals

The war between California Governor Jerry Brown and President Trump just had a little more gasoline poured on it.

After Brown granted pardons to dozens of people, including five undocumented immigrants who had committed crimes, Trump slammed Brown in a tweet, calling him Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown.

The Pardon

Make no mistake about it, these undocumented immigrants were included in this pardon to purposely draw the ire of the president.

In all, Governor Brown let 56 criminals off the hook, including five undocumented illegals.

The crimes of the illegals were:

Inflicting corporal injury on spouse or cohabitant

Threatening a crime with the intent to terrorize

Possession of a controlled substance (2)

Obstructing a police officer

Vehicle theft


Robbery and possession of an illegal firearm

Since Brown has pardoned them of their crimes, they are now technically not on the deportation list for ICE agents (as these lists normally only contain the names of undocumented criminals).

The Tweet

The internet just about blew up when Trump sent out a tweet calling out Brown for these pardons…

These are the exact people Trump vowed would be kicked out of the country and that need to be kicked out of the country, not protected by liberals in office.

How Does California Feel?

Trump appealed to the citizens of California to see how they felt about these pardons.

Several studies have already been conducted revealing a significant amount of Californians are not exactly happy with the status of being a sanctuary state.

They are finally starting to realize Democrats are more interested in sticking up for people that do not belong in the country than they are for actual citizens.

Like it or not, Trump is absolutely right and politicians like Brown need to go.

It is now up to We the People to fight that swelling Blue Wave.

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We need to kick people like Brown out of office and prevent the next wave of liberals from getting into office during the 2018 and 2020 elections.

We need to fight back as though our way of life depends upon it… because it does.

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