Trump asks why Haley's husband has been missing from the campaign trail

 February 12, 2024

Former President Donald Trump recently inquired as to why Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley's husband has not been on the campaign trail with his wife. 

This, as will be demonstrated, prompted a scathing response from Haley.

Trump, according to Fox News, raised the question of Michael Haley's whereabouts during a campaign speech that the former president gave in Conway, South Carolina, on Saturday, ahead of the upcoming South Carolina primary.

Haley is Trump's only remaining "challenger" in the Republican presidential primary field. The reason why "challenger" is put in quotation marks is because Haley currently trails Trump in the polls by, on average, 56.2 percentage points. This is in addition to the fact that Haley has lost every Republican primary and caucus thus far.

Trump's question

Trump prefaced his question, according to Fox, with a "rant" about "birdbrain," the nickname that Trump has given to Haley.

"Birdbrain loves mass asylum. There's nothing nice about her," the former president said.

From here, Trump went on to highlight what, in his opinion, is Haley's disloyalty - namely, the fact that she has chosen to run against him even though she once said that she would never do so.

Trump even claims that Haley - alongside her husband - made such a promise to Trump, face-to-face. And, this is when Trump went off on a tangent about Haley's husband.

"Where's her husband? Where is he? He's gone. He knew, he knew," Trump said.

So, where is Michael Haley?

For those unfamiliar with Michael Haley, he serves in the South Carolina Army National Guard. Fox reports that he is "a staff officer with the 218th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade."

With this in mind, it was probably not the greatest idea for Trump to go after Michael Haley. Nikki Haley quickly seized on the opportunity.

On social media, she wrote, "Michael is deployed serving our country, something you know nothing about. Someone who continually disrespects the sacrifices of military families has no business being commander in chief."

Haley, in the post, also included a video of the relevant part of the campaign speech. It is also worth noting that the Twitter community, in response to Trump's speech, added context to the video, noting Michael Haley's position in the National Guard. Take a look:

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