Trump asks Secretary of State Pompeo to investigate crimes against South African farmers

President Trump opened up a huge can of worms with a tweet on Wednesday.

After Tucker Carlson called attention to South Africa’s land redistribution plan, President Trump ordered Secretary of State Pompeo to look into alleged crimes, including murder, against white South African farmers.

The Crimes

The crimes against white farmers in South Africa is a story that has gained traction throughout the world.

Everything is rooted back in the apartheid days of South Africa.

When the apartheid was ended, the government had vowed to make amends by redistributing the land.

Their claim was much of that land has been unjustly taken away by its rightful owners.

Since then, land has changed hands on a “willing seller, willing buyer” process. But it hasn’t happened quickly enough.

This has been a point of contention, one that is made even more glaring during an election season.

Land Grabs and Murder

Now the government is willing to take things a bit further.

Now, they are saying they can and will expropriate land when necessary and without compensation to give to black South Africans.

The entire policy has also created some rather negative feelings toward the current landowners.

Reports of white farmers being murdered are not exactly new, but this angle was amped up when Tucker Carlson did a story on it.

The government maintains this is just ordinary crime, that there is no increase in targeted murders of these farmers simply because they are white.

The controversy seeps in because some white supremacist groups have used the idea of “white genocide” in South Africa as one of their talking points for years.

Now, of course, liberal groups are using Trump’s tweet as proof he is a racist because this specific issue has been a talking point for white nationalist groups.

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In addition, the South African government refuted Trump’s tweet, calling him “misinformed.”

Keep in mind, all this is happening as the First Lady is planning a trip to Africa in just a few weeks.

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