Trump asks athletes who kneel during anthem to tell him who he should pardon

In what some would consider a massive pivot, President Trump made a rather shocking announcement this week about the NFL players that have been protesting the national anthem.

Trump announced he will solicit names from the protesting players as to people imprisoned they believe were wronged by our justice system.

New Ground

This is going to be looked at as either pure genius or one of the worst political moves in the history of politics.

When most of the Philadelphia Eagles bowed out of the visit to the White House, it put Trump on new ground.

Now, with Golden State having won the NBA championship, Trump finds himself with back-to-back major sports franchises that will probably not visit the White House after having won a championship.

With Kerr having no problems voicing his opinion about Trump, it is a fairly safe assumption the entire team will forego the traditional visit.

Trump may be trying to end the narrative of professional athletes attacking him with this move.

By putting the ball in their court on this, he is giving them unprecedented access to address what they deem to be one of the major challenges for minorities today.

If they refuse to take Trump up on his offer, they will have a lot of explaining to do to their fans that have been supporting them through their protests.

Possible Fallout

The question then is just how much fallout will there be for Trump by giving in to these athletes?

For months, Trump has been hammering these athletes for not supporting the anthem.

His base, including major personalities like Tomi Lahren, have stood behind the President on this stance.

This is a HUGE risk for Trump in alienating these supporters by opening up this door for the athletes.

However, based on his language when making the statement, it seems Trump is playing the angle that he is doing this to stop the anthem protests and make sure all athletes are on the field to honor our military during the playing of the anthem.

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The really interesting thing here, though, will be to see how athletes respond to Trump after the fact if he comes through and actually grants pardons for people on their list. It is kind of hard to portray a president as an ignorant racist when he gives you a seat at the table and grants your wishes.

Like we said… it is either a colossal mistake or pure genius.

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