Trump argues that immunity is crucial to prevent future abuse of presidential indictments

 April 21, 2024

The U.S. Supreme Court will soon determine much of former President Donald Trump's legal fate when it takes up arguments this week regarding his presidential immunity defense. 

According to The Hill, the former president held nothing back in offering his thoughts on the consequences of presidents not enjoying immunity, and what it would mean for the future.

Trump issued the warning over the weekend in a Truth Social post, drawing thousands of comments.

The former president made the post in the wake of a judge in his ongoing New York trial denying him the ability to appear at the high court while his lawyers make the immunity argument.

What did he say?

In upper-case letters, Trump warned his followers that should he not be afforded immunity, future presidents will immediately be indicted upon leaving office by the opposite party.

"IF IMMUNITY IS NOT GRANTED TO A PRESIDENT, EVERY PRESIDENT THAT LEAVES OFFICE WILL BE IMMEDIATELY INDICTED BY THE OPPOSING PARTY,” Trump wrote on Truth Social Saturday morning, just days before the high court is expected to hear arguments.


The Hill noted:

More than a dozen retired four-star generals, admirals and other former military leaders filed a Supreme Court amicus brief earlier this month in which they stated their opposition to the former president’s immunity claims in criminal cases.

"The notion of such immunity, both as a general matter, and also specifically in the context of the potential negation of election results, threatens to jeopardize our nation’s security and international leadership," the amicus brief stated. "Particularly in times like the present, when anti-democratic, authoritarian regimes are on the rise worldwide, such a threat is intolerable and dangerous."

Witch hunt

Trump and his allies -- and millions of supporters -- have argued that such attempts to quash his immunity claims are simply part of the political witch hunt against him, meant to hamstring his 2024 presidential campaign and prevent him from winning the White House.

The former president and his lawyers are leaning heavily on the immunity defense, which would render most of his criminal charges moot.

Some legal experts believe he'll be afforded full or partial immunity, but others believe his lawyers will have a difficult time pursuading the high court to make that decision.

Only time will tell.

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