Trump’s rising approval ratings concern Democrats

The New York Times stunned liberals with a recent report about Trump’s approval ratings.

While the publication tried to temper the report and even downplay it at times, even the NYT could not deny the president’s approval ratings have climbed considerably since being elected.

Fact Over Fiction

There were several factors that played into Trump winning the 2016 election. First, the Democrats had a horrible candidate.

We all know the story behind Hillary Clinton, so there is no need to go over that laundry list again.

Second, Trump had a very strong base of voters, many of them disenfranchised from previous elections, that could not be swayed against Trump.

Third, people were tired of establishment candidates and wanted an outsider. Finally, there were definitely silent supporters that lambasted Trump in public while privately supporting him.

Trump Today

The political landscape today has brought many of the silent majority out to claim their support for Trump.

Additionally, Trump has delivered on a significant amount of his campaign policies. On the policies he has not delivered, he has at least tried to get his policies through.

And while Trump has had some questionable moments on social media, there is no denying the success he has had in creating an environment conducive to an exploding economy.

In other words, unlike many of our past presidents, Trump is actually getting things done in D.C., which is astonishing considering the obstacles he has faced.

Where Democrats really need to be worried, though, is the fact that Trump is getting a wave of momentum in minority groups, the voting demographic Dems rely on most.

The only thing that could really hurt Trump at this point is a major scandal or an economic crash, and we just don’t see either of those happening at this point.

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