Trump’s approval rating ahead of midterms surpasses Obama’s during same period

As we work our way closer to the midterm elections, President Donald Trump’s approval ratings have Democrats spitting mad.

An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll has put Trump’s approval rating at 47 percent, two points higher than former President Barack Obama’s approval rating during the same period.

Strong Republican Support

Republican support for Trump has always been strong.

Recent polls even show the president has the approval of 90 percent of his own party.

But Trump is starting to get a small uptick in support among all Americans.

Trump’s approval ratings were disturbingly low when he first took office and for much of the beginning of his first year in office.

Slowly, though, Americans are starting to realize he is actually making our country better.

Democrat Narrative

Meanwhile, the messages Democrats have continued to send out are starting to actually help the president.

Most hardworking Americans are seeing a few extra bucks in their weekly paycheck thanks to Trump and the GOP’s tax cuts — and Americans are starting to enjoy it.

But Democrats have been adamant that they will repeal these tax cuts, which is hitting home with a lot of people who don’t want to lose that extra money.

The immigration issue is also starting to worry people.

Unemployment is at a 50-year low, but Americans are terrified of what will happen if our borders are allowed to flood open again.

The fact is: Democrats do not have one plan that would actually benefit working Americans.

Their main fight right now is to give everyone Medicare and allow illegal immigrants to flood over the borders.

All this will do is put more of a tax burden on working Americans.

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Traditionally, midterm elections are a disaster for the party just taking over the White House.

But with the early success of this administration and the lackluster Democrat message, that trend may finally see a reversal.

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