Trump’s approval rating on economy soars to an all-time high

The results of a new Gallup poll have been released and President Trump is all smiles.

Trump’s approval rating on the economy now stands at 53 percent, a three percent increase over the last poll.

Trump’s approval rating on how he is handling the economy is roughly eight percent higher than virtually every other president in recent history.

Dating back to Reagan and going all the way through Barack Obama, the presidents’ average ratings on the economy have only been about 45 percent, according to Gallup.

Finally Getting It

We all knew it would take time for people to realize this president is putting real dollars in their pockets.

When Trump’s tax cuts were first announced, Democrats like Nancy Pelosi downplayed the money Americans would find added to their paychecks as “crumbs.”

Apparently, that is not how the majority of Americans now feel about that money.

More Than Just Tax Cuts

Democrats never bought into the idea the tax cuts given to corporations would trickle their way down to the working man.

That narrative was blown out of the water when we saw dozens of major companies immediately issuing bonuses to their employees.

We also started to see companies both large and small commit to expanding and hiring more employees.

The result of all this has been a booming economy that is not showing any signs of slowing down.

The bottom line here is that working Americans have more money in their pockets and they are comfortable spending it, as can be seen by the increased number of Americans who are expected to travel out of town this Thanksgiving holiday.

Consumer confidence is constantly hovering at all-time highs, proving everything the Democrats said to be wrong about the tax cut legislation.

His approval rating could use some improvement in other areas, but most of those problems are directly related to an uncooperative Congress.

A glowing area of concern is immigration, where Trump only has a 40 percent approval rating.

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This is likely due to the fact most liberals disapprove of Trump’s approach, while conservatives are concerned there has been little progress with the wall.

If Trump can somehow get immigration reform legislation through Congress, that rating will no doubt significantly improve.

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