Trump approval rating for economy hits an all-time high

As the Democrats, led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), continue to try to take out President Trump, Americans have other ideas in mind.

The latest polls show that despite how much Pelosi rails against Trump, he’s winning the approval of the American people with his successful economic policies. 

It’s about Americans

When Donald Trump ran for office, he promised Americans would have a better life while he was in office. It was time to stop worrying about the welfare of everyone else while ignoring Americans who were struggling.

He promised to create an environment that would drive the market, increase employment, and support small businesses, and he delivered.

According to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll, Americans’ approval of Trump’s handling of the economy has jumped from 46 percent in the last poll, conducted in September, to 56 percent in the newest survey, released on Friday.

This is the highest level of approval on economics that Trump has achieved in office, and he did it all while Democrats were launching the most aggressive smear campaign against him yet.

Additionally, a new Washington Post/ABC poll released on Friday shows that Trump’s overall approval rating has risen to 44 percent, — again, the highest of his presidency — while support for impeachment falls.

Egg on the face of Democrats

It has taken a while to sink in, but Americans are finally realizing it is this administration’s policies that have created the economic boom we all benefit from. Now, economic experts are predicting no end in sight for this economy as long as Donald Trump is in the Oval Office.

Unemployment has stayed below 4 percent for more than a year and a half, and wages are up. After years of economic suffering, even the most anti-Trump voters have to admit the economy is the best it’s been in a long time.

Americans are actually paying attention to the fact Democrats want to excessively tax business owners, which would immediately result in more unemployment and massive selloffs in the stock market.

It is a very reasonable assumption that if any Democrat wins, but especially someone like known socialist Bernie Sanders, markets are going to crash and we will see a depression that will make the 2009-10 recession look like a summer vacation.

In other words, Dems have struck out on all fronts while Trump has hit a home run just about every time he has come to the plate.

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