Trump’s approval rating among black voters soars: Poll

Minority communities in this country often tip the scale in elections, and the latest numbers show that President Donald Trump is starting to make dramatic gains in that regard — especially among black voters.

According to the last Fox News poll, Trump’s approval rating among black voters is now at 19%, a massive improvement over his 2016 support in this demographic.

Support does not mean vote

Most people were surprised when Trump managed to get 8% of the black vote in 2016. Even though a racist accusation had never been made against Trump prior to him running for president, Democrats sold him to the public as a KKK sympathizer.

It was disgusting, quite frankly, because up until that point, Trump had been regularly lauded in minority communities. That narrative has continued throughout his presidency, but people are starting to see through the charade.

Trump has probably done more for minority communities in his first three years than Barack Obama did in his full eight. That is exactly why his job approval rating in this demographic is flirting with 20% — but that doesn’t mean these individuals will vote for him.

This is a point that was also proven in the poll. Even though 19% approve of Trump’s job performance, when matched up against Joe Biden, Trump only had 10% compared to Joe Biden’s 66%.

The good news on that front is there was a massive 24% of respondents who remained undecided as to whom they would vote for in an election, which means there is still plenty of room for Trump to hit his goal of 16% in this election.

Can Biden win?

Trump had a lot of momentum heading into this election with the economy, but that is obviously no longer the case. At this point, Trump will win or lose this election based on the perception of how well this coronavirus crisis was handled.

Right now, the mainstream media is doing everything it can to make it appear as though the response was bungled, including a very explosive report from The New York Times this weekend.

However, most people don’t realize that on Jan. 21, top White House infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci also said the United States had nothing to fear from the coronavirus.

The moves that actually matter are the declaring of a health emergency and the closing down of travel, something Biden called Trump xenophobic for doing. Had Trump not shut down travel from China and Europe early on, the death toll in the U.S. would be much higher than it already is.

The mainstream media is, of course, doing everything within its power to take Trump down with their coverage of the crisis, but it remains to be seen whether voters will actually buy it.

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