Trump announces high approval ratings in Twitter post

If there is one thing everyone should know by now, it is not to doubt something Trump says.

Even though he took over office with a rather low approval rating, his rating has steadily increased, with Trump letting everyone know on Wednesday that his approval rating has soared to 51 percent.

The Poll

The rating comes from tracking the daily Rasmussen poll.

This follows up a rating of 50 percent from earlier in the week.

According to the poll, former President Obama had only a 46 percent approval rating on April 4, 2010.

That would have been the very same time during the second year of Obama’s first term.

Why the Jump?

Trump’s rating no doubt has liberals baffled.

The media has been hammering the alleged affair with Stormy Daniels.

However, it would appear Americans simply do not care or they do not believe Daniels.

No doubt, the lack of public reaction from Melania has something to do with that.

As far as policy goes, though, Trump has had a fairly exceptional couple of months.

First, the tax break is starting to hit people’s pockets.

If there was every anything people appreciate, it is more money going into the bank.

Second, there has finally been some movement on the border wall, which will bring some of his supporters that drifted away back into the fold.

Thirdly, the Russia probe continues to come up empty while actually shedding more light on Hillary Clinton’s corruption.

Fourth, while the issue with our veterans and their medical care is not quite fixed, it is getting better.

Fifth, we are starting to see more control over immigration and an effort to end DACA.

When you add it all up, Trump is delivering on promises made at a steady pace.

[show_poll poll_id=1450]

For once, it would appear Americans finally have someone that does more than just make promises in the office of the President of the United States.

This president actually works to deliver on the promises made.

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