Trump ally David Pecker resigns from Postmedia board after Cohen controversy

Slowly but surely, liberals are picking off Trump allies one by one.

The latest to fall is David Pecker, who has resigned from the board of Postmedia Network Canada Inc.

Implicated by Cohen

Pecker has found himself in the limelight due to the plea bargain reached by Michael Cohen.

Cohen recently copped to paying off women who could possibly hurt Trump during the campaign.

In addition, he apparently told investigators about some stories that are believed to have been buried by specific publications to protect Trump.

The most notable of these is a story reportedly purchased by the National Enquirer.

According to the publication, the story could not be verified, so they paid the source, but never actually published the story.

The National Enquirer is owned by American Media.

In addition to being a board member for Postmedia, Pecker is also the Chief Executive Officer at American Media.


After Cohen’s testimony, Pecker was apparently called in as well.

Bloomberg has reported Pecker is now cooperating with investigators.

As word of Pecker’s legal problems started to circulate, the union representing Canadian journalists started to create a bit of a stir.

The union was demanding Pecker be forced to step down immediately for his role in the alleged scandal.

Rather than continue to bring a negative spotlight on the company, Pecker has decided to remove himself from the picture.

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A spokesman for Postmedia stated, “David noted that it is important for him to focus his efforts on ensuring that his businesses are best positioned for continued growth.”

Chalk another victim up for Mueller, as the witch hunt continues and Trump associates continue to find themselves in the crosshairs.

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