Trump ally Tom Barrack acquitted in trial for alleged unregistered foreign lobbying and lying to FBI

A close friend and ally of former President Donald Trump, Tom Barrack, had been charged and prosecuted for alleged crimes by the thoroughly politicized Department of Justice.

However, Barrack was fully acquitted last week by a judge and jury of allegedly serving as an unregistered foreign agent and of allegedly obstructing justice and lying to federal investigators, The Western Journal reported.

Barrack was alleged to have exploited his friendship with Trump to lobby on behalf of the United Arab Emirates and was also accused of having lied to FBI investigators about his connections and relationships in order to obstruct the DOJ probe into his purported activities.

Found not guilty

NBC News reported Friday that, following about two days of deliberations in a New York City courtroom, a jury determined that Barrack was not guilty of working as an unregistered foreign agent on behalf of the UAE, nor was he deemed to be guilty of having lied to federal investigators during a 2019 interview.

Barrack, a former top fundraiser for Trump who served as head of the president’s inaugural committee, praised the judicial system as “amazing” and said “God bless America” following his acquittal, and further revealed his intentions to “have a drink” and visit the Statue of Liberty to celebrate.

Also charged and likewise fully acquitted alongside Barrack was a former aide named Matthew Grimes, who was “grateful” for the jury finding him not guilty of, according to his attorney, “serious felonies here that would have changed his life” if he had been convicted.

The Associated Press reported that the prosecution of Barrack had focused in on his connections to the UAE, particularly an Emirati businessman named Rashid al Malik who was alleged to have served as a go-between for Barrack and Emirati officials.

In testimony during the trial, however, it was established that anything Barrack may have done or any information shared involving the UAE and Trump’s White House had been done of his own accord and in his own interests, and not at the direction of anybody else.

Trump celebrates news of acquittals

“Great news for our Country, Freedom, and Democracy in that businessman Tom Barrack, who should have never been charged or tried, was just acquitted of all charges,” former President Trump said in a statement Friday. “Likewise, his associate, Matthew Grimes, was also acquitted of all charges.”

“My great respect goes out to the jurors for their courage and understanding in coming to an absolutely correct decision,” he continued, likening the prosecution of Barrack to the sort of political persecution seen in communist countries.

“The upcoming Election is very big, but these acquittals of two innocent men greatly set the Radical Left back,” Trump added and proceeded to call for the immediate release of other allies and supporters who have been arrested, prosecuted, or jailed for various reasons that all seem to link back to him.

He concluded of the acquittals, “Congratulations on a Great Victory for our Nation!”

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