Trump-aligned media outlet will now profit from his accuser’s appearances

The Trump family is no doubt reeling from events that occurred over the last few days.

Shockingly, The National Enquirer has broken its agreement with Karen McDougal, and she is now free to discuss her alleged affair with Donald Trump.

Ally Turned Foe

The National Enquirer is part of American Media.

A Chief Executive of American Media Inc (AMI) is David Pecker, a long-time personal friend of President Trump’s.

During the election season, AMI paid Karen McDougal $150,000 for exclusive rights to her story.

After hearing the story, the publication decided to not publish it.

Of course, the liberal media portrayed this as a Trump ally burying something that could possibly hurt Trump in the election.

This week, though, the company reached an agreement with McDougal that will not only allow her to profit and discuss the alleged affair, but it will also put money into the account of AMI.

New Agreement

According to reports, the new agreement will still allow McDougal to keep the $150,000.

However, she will have to pay AMI $75,000 out of any profits made related to her telling her tale.

In addition, and this is where the big money comes in, The National Enquirer will feature McDougal as a cover story as well as having her pen several fitness articles for the publication.

Since the publication will not have to pay her any money for those stories, AMI can expect a windfall from the cover story and significant profits over regular issues for her fitness articles.

McDougal will no doubt follow the path of Stormy Daniels now that she is free and clear.

Being a former Playmate, it is a fairly safe assumption she will be doing personal appearances in addition to the talk show circuit.

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This also means both Donald and Melania Trump are going to be hammered by and within the media over every detail of this alleged affair.

To put it bluntly, this is NOT good news for the Trumps.

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