Trump aides urged to get guns, carry permits to protect themselves

With Democrat lawmakers encouraging violence against Trump Cabinet members, gun advocates are now issuing a very stern warning.

The message… get a conceal carry permit and start carrying a weapon to protect yourself.

Not Enough Protection

To put it bluntly, there simply is not enough protection available for everyone in Trump’s administration to depend on.

Some of his higher-ranking officials have bodyguards and Secret Service.

However, many of these officials go out with only one agent or bodyguard.

Sometimes, they have only the local police to protect them, and that simply is not enough with these calls to violence by the likes of Maxine Waters.

What They Are Saying

John R. Lott, Jr., President of Crime Prevention Research Center, stressed that very point.

He stated, “There are simply not enough police in D.C. or Virginia or Maryland to protect all Trump officials at their homes and when they go out to restaurants.”

“Getting a concealed handgun permit would be helpful to protect themselves and their family,” he added.

Law professor John Banzhaf also chimed in on the matter.

Banzhaf stated, “High-level officials in the Trump administration, especially if their faces are likely to be recognized by many in the public as a result of appearances on TV, might want to consider applying for a license to carry a concealed weapon in the District of Columbia, and/or other states they frequent.”

He also noted that the reason they need to do this is the “call by Rep. Maxine Waters for the public to ‘absolutely harass’ these officials in public places, and other recent events indicating the increased danger they are in.”

The “other recent events” he referred to no doubt were the harassing of Trump’s Press Secretary and DHS Secretary over the weekend.

While some people have actually defended Waters, saying she surely did not mean to incite violence, Waters actually doubled down on her comments when given a chance to retract them.

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This woman clearly wants Trump officials to be brutally attacked and will not back off until that happens.

Hopefully, Trump officials will heed these warnings and start packing so they can be ready for when one of these liberal idiots tries to carry out Waters’ command.

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