Trump advisers are preparing a shortlist of replacements for Sarah Sanders

Is the Trump White House about to have another administration shakeup?

Rumor has it that the administration is already putting together an “unofficial shortlist” of potential replacements for Sarah Huckabee Sanders, in preparation for her possible departure.

Fact or Fake News?

The mainstream media has made it all but impossible to trust stories linked to “unnamed sources.”

That is exactly the source of the current rumors, though.

Several major outlets are speculating Sanders will be departing before the end of the year.

Bill Shine, the White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications, has denied the rumors.

“I have not had a meeting or discussion about this,” Shine stated when questioned about Sanders’ departure.

Sanders herself recently denied the rumors, stating the media must know something she doesn’t.

However, the buzz around town is Trump’s aides are putting together a short list to fill her shoes once she is gone.

If She Goes…

If Sanders does leave, her successor will have a tall order to fill.

Sanders has done an incredible job on the front lines of this administration.

She has constantly come under fire from both the public and press. Through it all, she has stood tall.

Among those rumored to be on that short list are Kimberly Guilfoyle, Bill Hemmer, Tony Sayegh, Raj Shah and Heather Nauert.

Of those names, the leading candidates are probably Shah and Nauert.

Shah is the current deputy press secretary, so the transition should be seamless.

However, Conway and Sanders are both women, which brings us to Heather Nauert.

As the current spokesperson for the State Department, she has experience serving on the front line of the administration.

She is also a former Fox News host.

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Nauert has proven she can stay on track under fire, which is a trait that will definitely be needed handling the media every day for the President.

If they put odds on Sanders’ replacement, Nauert would have to be considered the odds-on favorite.

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