Trump adviser: Biden's 'cognitive decline . . . is only going to get worse'

October 1, 2023
Robert Ayers

Jason Miller, one of former President Donald Trump's top advisors, just highlighted the fact that, between now and the 2024 general election, President Joe Biden's "cognitive decline . . . is only going to get worse." 

Miller said as much during a recent interview that he did with Breitbart News.

During the interview, Miller went on the attack, targeting both Biden and the Democrats, particularly with the 2024 election season in mind.

Miller began by saying that there are "two things that the Democrats cannot change," namely, "inflation and incompetence."

Miller explains

Miller went on to explain that the Democrats are not going to be able to change the inflation problem that we have witnessed under Biden's leadership because the Democrats are "too beholden to the radical left base."

Accordingly, Miller said:

Their solution is always going to be to print money. Their solution is always going to be, "Let’s pick winners and losers in, say, energy production," which basically means that the winners are going to be people who have a radical left ideology; the losers are going to be the working middle class. So, there’s nothing that Joe Biden or the Democrats can do to reverse inflation. Their policies are always going to be wrong.

Miller, then, turned his attention to "incompetence." And, here, Miller focused directly on Biden.

"Look, as we look at it right now with the end of September here, we’re getting ready to go into October, there is not one person listening right now who would say that Joe Biden is going to be sharper, more able, more with it, more put together, and have fewer stumbles a year from now," Miller said.

The Trump advisor added that the "cognitive decline for Joe Biden is only going to get worse as we go an entire another year," and that this has the "Democrats in a panic."

Trump v. Biden

Poll after poll after poll has made it clear that we should expect a Trump-Biden rematch in 2024.

According to Real Clear Politics, Trump leads the Republican field by, on average, 43.9 percentage points, whereas Biden leads the Democratic field by 50 percentage points.

So, a Trump-Biden rematch seems to be a certainty. For a long time, this Trump-Biden matchup was considered a virtual tie. But, recently, Trump jumped into the lead, and this is thanks to a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll that has Trump beating Biden by a whopping 10 percentage points.

Miller, during the Breitbart interview, argued that, given the way national polls are conducted, two to three percentage points probably ought to be added to Trump's numbers, giving him an even bigger lead over Biden.

With the momentum on Trump's side, there is little doubt that the Democrats are worried. The question, now, is how they are going to respond to the situation.

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