Trump Says He Would Tell a 25-Year-Old Donald Trump Not to Run for President

On Thursday, the President sat down with Charlie Kirk to do a forum with a group of millennials, and he caused quite a stir with one of his answers.

When asked what advice he would give to a 25-year-old Donald Trump, he stated, “Don’t run for president.”

Sign of Things to Come?

He had no sooner given the advice to his younger self when rumors started to fly that Trump may be considering resigning from office.

Now, while I doubt very strongly he will resign, it is fair to ask if he is now thinking about backing off running for a second term.

Frustrated with Fake News

Trump seemed very frustrated with the negative publicity that is hitting him on a daily basis.

Up until he ran for president, it would be a fair estimate to say about 80-90 percent of the headlines involving his name were very positive.

He has been involved in numerous charities, helping minorities, and pitching in to the local community when they needed him.

That all changed the moment he became the front runner as the Republican candidate in 2016.

The liberal leaning media has gone to great lengths to dig up dirt on Trump, even if they had to make it up to get him in hot water.

How many stories have we seen quoting “unnamed” sources?

This type of journalism was unheard of in the past, but it has become the norm today.

Rumors are treated as fact and so-called journalists are not even verifying stories before they go to print.

Challenges for 2020

Trump will face significant challenges if he does run for a second term.

The recent Stormy Daniels story, the Jared Kushner problems, etc… will all be points the Democrats will bring up.

The mainstream media hates him so much, any achievements he has made will take a backseat to the gossip stories.

If he does decide not to run for a second term, it is quite possible Mike Pence would be asked to step in to take his place.

There is also a lot of speculation that Nikki Haley is being primed for a run at President after Trump.

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Even though he is getting more and more frustrated, Trump does continue to keep his head down and plug away.

While we all wish the media circus would come to an end and they would actually focus on issues the country faces rather than this nonsense, it would appear that as long as Trump is in office, the media will continue to throw as much mud at him as they can until something sticks.

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