Trump says advertiser boycott campaigns ‘should be illegal’

This past week President Donald Trump sounded off on liberal activists who essentially force advertisers into pulling their dollars from media outlets that provide a platform for views with which they disagree.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Caller, Trump said that he would like to “get involved” in making that kind of harassment of advertisers a violation of the law.

“It should be illegal,” the president said. “That has to be illegal in some form.”

Trump blasts advertiser boycotts

The president gave the Daily Caller a description of the sort of situation to which he was referring, one involving “a friend” of his who “bought a couple of conservative sites.”  According to President Trump, that friend told him that anyone who “advertises on the site is being harassed.”

Then what happens, according to the president, is that the advertisers are either “frightened off” or think “who needs this?” and take their advertisement dollars someplace where they won’t face such difficulties.

“The advertisers are harassed, to a point where they don’t want to do it,” Trump said. “They’re either afraid or it’s not worth it.”

First-hand experience

President Trump went on in the interview to say that he has experienced the same sort of thing himself from the Washington Post, which he claims has gone “after people who use [his] facilities.”

“People are going to have a wedding,” Trump said. “They get calls from the Washington Post — you can report it if you want — ‘Why are you going there? Why are you doing a wedding with Trump?’ and these are reporters in the Washington Post.”

Tactics like these are precisely what the president believes should be illegal.

“A different mindset”

The president concluded his thoughts on the subject by arguing that this particular breed of targeting seems to be something that only liberals do, suggesting that it is not something in which conservative interest groups typically engage.

“We have more people,” Trump said. “How can you possibly allow this to happen? This is really a takeover of the whole system. Why is it that the conservatives don’t when they see somebody advertising on MSDNC, why is it that?”

The president suggested an answer to his own question, namely, that conservatives just have “a different mindset.” That might just be the understatement of the decade.

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