Trump admits biggest mistake of presidency was hiring former AG Jeff Sessions

President Donald Trump has had a rather interesting two years in office, with a lot of highs and lows. But one regret trumps them all.

In an interview that aired Sunday, the president said he wishes he’d replaced outgoing Attorney General Loretta Lynch with someone else besides Jeff Sessions.

The Recusal

Prior to Trump winning the election, we all knew the Russian collusion narrative would become the Democrats’ focus if he won the presidency.

Trump had no sooner been announced the winner when that premonition came true. Hillary Clinton and company started crying out about collusion and before we knew it, Dems were calling for an investigation.

With all of this going on, you would think Sessions and Trump would have had a conversation as to how the accusations and investigation would be handled.

When it came time to move forward with an investigation, however, Sessions recused himself and Donald Trump made him public enemy No. 1. From that point forward, Sessions never had a shot and Trump did everything he could to push Sessions out of office.

Never the Right Man

To be honest, while most conservatives initially loved the appointment, Sessions simply proved to not have the backbone for the job.

From the very first day he took office, he seemed to be more worried about appearances rather than getting the job done. He regularly cowered in front of the Democrats, even when they had no real case against Trump.

To be clear, the Justice Department should be able to act on its own, but it does need to seek out justice, something Sessions was incapable of doing. If the media even gave a hint that he was doing something Trump approved of, Sessions backed off.

Barr, on the other hand, has one mission and he does not care what people do, say, or feel after he has chosen his path. He thought Mueller took the easy way out by not making a call one way or the other on obstruction, and he said so.

He thought something looked suspicious in the early stages of the Russia probe, so he has taken action to investigate the matter.

As bad as Trump’s first pick was, his replacement for the epic failure that was Jeff Sessions was right on the money.

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