Trump administration official resigns to run for governor: Report

President Donald Trump received another resignation notice this week, but not for a negative reason.

Jon Huntsman, the Ambassador to Russia, is resigning to reportedly run for governor in the state of Utah.

Longtime Ambassador

Huntsmen had previously served as Utah’s governor from 2005 to 2009. That time, however, was bookended by a career as an ambassador for the United States.

In 1992, Huntsman accepted the appointment from President George H.W. Bush to be the Ambassador to Singapore. He also worked in the George W. Bush administration as the deputy United States trade representative.

While serving at Utah’s governor in 2009, Huntsman accepted the position of Ambassador to China during the Obama administration.

Oddly enough, Huntsman left that position to run for President against Barack Obama but lost the primary to Mitt Romney. Then, in October 2017, Huntsman took over as Ambassador to Russia.

Scrappy Past with Romney

While Huntsman is often described as a moderate Republican, as is Romney, the two have had an interesting relationship during their careers.

Both are Mormons and Romney is now the senator for Utah, but they could hardly be described as friends.

While the two were already competitive, that relationship became further strained when Romney was chosen over Huntsman to lead the 2002 Olympics.

In 2008, Huntsman sided with McCain in the Republican primary over Romney.

Then, as stated above, the two of them squared off directly during the 2012 Republican primary, with Romney once again coming out victorious.

If Huntsman does, in fact, run for governor, he would likely get the endorsement of the current governor, Gary Herbert, as Herbert served as Huntsman’s lieutenant governor and took over the governorship when Huntsman left to work for the Obama administration.

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