Trump administration announces major change to immigration laws

Despite Democrats’ efforts to block President Donald Trump’s attempts to address the illegal immigration issues this country faces, the president continues to soldier on.

According to The Hill, the Trump administration is now trying to crack down on the issue of “birth tourism,” a phenomenon that takes advantage of Fourteenth Amendment birthright citizenship privileges.

The birth tourism industry

Because of the benefits of being an American citizen, some pregnant women will specifically travel to the United States near their due dates in an attempt to give birth on American soil simply so their child is then entitled to American citizenship.

This is often used by families who then exploit the law to get the rest of their relatives into the country.

What starts out as an innocent child benefitting from the timeliness of birth evolves into a father, mother, other siblings, and other immediate family members being allowed into the country based on that one child’s citizenship.

While there are surely those that are doing this innocently or for legitimate reasons, there are also far too many exploiting this loophole to benefit criminal empires. This is the area that this administration wants to shut down.

A State Department official recently stated: “This change is intended to address the national security and law enforcement risks associated with birth tourism, including criminal activity associated with the birth tourism industry.”

It won’t be easy

Now that Trump’s infamous border wall is being built, this new rule could become a rallying cry for the Trump campaign. However, changing the laws on this will not be easy, as there is resistance on both sides of the aisle.

Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley (IA) recently stated: “I am not a lawyer, but it seems to me it would take a constitutional amendment to change that as opposed to an executive order.”

On that front, he is right, because it won’t be easy — but at least the conversation is being started. Democrats want to pretend that birth tourism is not a problem, but it’s easy to see that a rule designed to guarantee “equal protection of the laws” is being exploited.

The challenge, however, is going to be for the Trump administration to sell moderate Dems and Republicans on the idea that this rule change will be good for our country which will not be an easy sell.

Details on the official terms and impact of the proposed birth tourism rule change have yet to be released, but are expected within the week.

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