Trump administration expands telehealth coverage for over 100 million Americans

Very early on during the coronavirus crisis, President Donald Trump removed restrictions regarding telehealth access to make it easier and less dangerous for elderly Americans to seek medical care.

That move has opened the door to provide 100 million Americans with readily accessible health care, which telehealth company CEO Clint Phillips said is “a big game-changer,” Breitbart reports.

Protecting those that need it most

It benefits everyone in this country right now if our elderly can get medical care without having to leave their home. It is just as beneficial for those showing early signs of the coronavirus to stay home and be monitored there rather than exposing others to the virus unnecessarily.

Both are now possible due to a measure taken by the Trump administration. Earlier this month, Trump waived restrictions that were blocking telehealth services for those on Medicare and Medicaid.

Not only that, but the administration also signed a bill to expand telehealth services with $500 million in additional funding.

This has opened the door for millions of Americans who previously would have been unable to use these services.

Phillips, for his part, said this was “a big game-changer that the Trump administration has put forward, which is just huge for healthcare innovation, for people getting care.”

He went on: “Over 100 million people have access to virtual care because of what the White House and the Trump administration have put out. Doctors can get paid for virtual care for Medicare.”

Phillips also said his company, Medici, has “grown about 16-fold in less than two weeks. So we have had to double, quadruple, the servers,” and that they’ve been “hiring frantically” to keep up with the demands created by the coronavirus crisis.

Already in the works

While these latest measures are getting all the attention now, this is something Trump has been pushing since 2017.

When the initial reforms were made, it was part of the overhaul of the Department of Veterans Affairs to get our veterans care when they needed it rather than having them wait in long lines and oftentimes receiving subpar care.

The measures taken back then were barely mentioned in the media, but it made a significant difference to veterans and laid the groundwork for the incredible expansion of the telehealth industry now, when it is needed even more.

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