Trump addresses rumors of impending war with Iran: ‘I want to have peace’

President Donald Trump has already proven that he will not allow Iran to run roughshod over America.

But Trump also told the media on Tuesday that he is not aiming to start a war with Iran, The Epoch Times reports.

Sending a message

After Iranian sympathizers attacked the U.S. Embassy in Iraq, Trump issued a stern warning to the responsible parties.

First, he ordered air support via Apache helicopters to ensure the embassy was not overrun.

Trump followed that up by moving a significant military force on location, with another force ready on call if any further violence were to break out.

The president also ordered a missile strike that took out Iran’s top general, according to the Washington Examiner. That attack came after Trump sent out a tweet warning Iran that he meant business.

No war – yet

As aggressive as Trump’s response has been, though, he has emphasized that he is not looking to start a war with Iran.

When asked about whether war is on the horizon, Trump stated on Tuesday: “No. I want to have peace. I like peace. And Iran should want to have peace more than anybody. So I don’t see that [war] happening.”

In addition to the most recent airstrikes against Iran, Trump also recently upped the sanctions being imposed on the country, according to CNBC.

As it is now, the economy of Iran is very fragile and close to completely collapsing. The new sanctions from the U.S. could push the Iranian economy over the edge, which is more than likely why tensions between the two countries have been rising as of late.

The last moves were made by Trump, with the airstrikes and missile strike that led to the death of a top Iranian military leader. The ball is now in Iran’s court — and this is only going to play out one of two ways.

Trump would prefer Iran to come back to the table and negotiate. If, however, Iran chooses to escalate hostilities, Trump may find himself with no choice but to send a massive force capable of bringing a decisive end to the standoff.

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