Trump addresses rumors about pardons for Roger Stone and Michael Flynn

Roger Stone and Michael Flynn are two former Trump allies staring down the barrel of serious jail time. President Donald Trump believes their treatment was “very unfair,” which has media pundits believing that the president could pardon one or both of them.

However, Trump just destroyed the rumors that he’s planning to pardon Stone at this time. According to The Washington Times, Trump told reporters Tuesday: “Am I going to pardon him? Well, I haven’t thought of it.”

Fruits of the Mueller investigation

Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged Trump–Russia collusion did not result in indictments against Donald Trump, but Mueller did not walk away empty-handed.

In addition to the dozen or so Russians who were indicted — and who will never see justice — a half dozen of Trump’s former associates ended up facing charges as well.

Some of them were indicted for things they did in their own businesses, and other charges seemed to be for the purpose of making a political point.

“I think it was very unfair what they did to Roger Stone compared to what they do to other people on their side,” Trump said Tuesday.

Stone is currently facing 50 years in person for witness tampering, lying to Congress, and obstruction of justice.

It would be very easy to make a case that both Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Hillary Clinton were guilty of these crimes, yet they have never seen the inside of a courtroom in relation to their own misconduct.

Flynn has already pleaded guilty, but his new legal team recently tried to have the charges thrown out. The motion was disregarded, but due to all the legal maneuvering, Flynn has yet to be sentenced for a crime to which most believe he was railroaded into pleading guilty.

Will they be pardoned?

If both men are sentenced before election day, they may well have to do some time. Trump clearly believes they were victims of what amounted to be a big “hoax,” though, so it’s possible that neither of them will stay in jail for very long.

As Attorney General William Barr has indicated, the investigation into the Russia probe being headed by U.S. Attorney John Durham may turn up damning evidence regarding the entire premise of the Mueller investigation.

However, if Trump is re-elected, it may be that political considerations will prevent both men from receiving said pardons until Trump is ready to exit the White House in 2025.

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