Trump addresses health reports regarding Kim Jong Un

On Monday, reports began circulating that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was in dire health and the prognosis was not good.

When asked about the reports of Kim’s potentially dire health circumstances, President Trump stated, “These are reports that came out, and we don’t know. I can only say this, I wish him well.”

Health of Kim

CNN broke the bombshell news on Monday that Kim, the polarizing leader of North Korea, had undergone a cardiac procedure that placed him in “grave danger.”

It is well known that Kim suffers from morbid obesity and smokes excessively, so it would not be surprising if he did indeed suffer some kind of cardiovascular disease, though there has been no official confirmation from North Korea.

That report seemed to explain why Kim had missed an important celebration on April 15 for his grandfather’s birthday.

North Korea, like China, is very tight-lipped about any information getting out, especially about the health of Kim, so the situation is something that is being watched very closely by intelligence agencies around the world.

Good relationship

Prior to the 2016 election, there was more than idle speculation that the United States and North Korea would end up in a war, as the regime has a long history of antagonizing surrounding nations and the US.

Trump regularly touts the idea that had Hillary Clinton been elected — or anyone else for that matter — we would already be at war with North Korea.

President Trump did it again after Fox News’ Bret Baier asked Trump about the health of Kim.

He stated, “If somebody else were in this position, we would have been right now at war with North Korea. And we are not at war, and we are nowhere close to war with North Korea. I just have to say to Kim Jong Un, I wish him very good luck. Good luck.”

The mainstream media will never admit it, but the fact that Kim and Trump have had a cordial relationship is actually a good thing in terms of keeping the peace. As such, it was no surprise to see Trump wish Kim well as he recovers from the surgery.

Because of the volatility of the situation, our intelligence agencies are keeping a very close eye on the situation as well as having multiple contingency plans in place based on who would potentially take over for Kim.

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