Trump activates the National Guard in three states

If you read a lot of the alternative media outlets, you’ll know they have all been warning of the potential for the government to enact martial law for weeks.

And those warnings are only going to grow louder now that President Donald Trump has pulled the trigger on the activation of the National Guard in California, New York, and Washington state, according to Breitbart.

We’re at war

For the last two weeks, President Trump has significantly shifted his narrative. He went from saying a pandemic was not a given to declaring himself a wartime president.

He now calls the coronavirus an invisible enemy and is trying to rally everyone behind this narrative as more and more extreme measures are being taken to fight the outbreak.

The states that have been the hardest hit have been asking Trump for any help they can get, including from the military, and Trump has not given it to them — until now.

As of Sunday, the National Guard has been activated with federal funding in the three of the nation’s hardest-hit states to assist in any way possible.

Not martial law

Despite significant concerns, the activation of the Guard does not mean these states are under martial law.

By activating the National Guard under Title 32, control of the state remains with the governor, not the military.

The military is there to assist in any way needed, a point that was stressed by FEMA administrator Peter Gaynor. “I want you to understand, this is not martial law,” he said, according to Breitbart.

In addition to activating the National Guard, two military hospital ships have also been enlisted in this fight.

One will be anchored on the West Coast and one on the East Coast in the New York harbor. How long it will take for those ships to start taking patients, however, remains to be seen.

From the reports that have been published, one ship needs some tightening up and the other will probably take about a week or so to be properly staffed and ready for action. Then it’s full steam ahead.

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