Trump accuses former Secretary of State John Kerry of violating the Logan Act

John Kerry has been sticking his nose where it does not belong — and President Donald Trump is calling him out on it.

During a recent presser, President Trump accused the former secretary of State of violating the Logan Act, which forbids unauthorized individuals from negotiating with foreign governments on the United States’ behalf.

Trump called for Kerry to face prosecution for his crimes, which could lead to an arrest for the ex-Obama official.

The Dirty Deeds

Democrats will no doubt defend Kerry, but Trump has a real case here.

The violations date back to 2018, when Kerry actually admitted he was in discussions with the Iranian foreign minister — despite the fact that he had no authorization to do so, considering he left his post as secretary of State when Barack Obama left the White House.

This was not just a one-off conversation, either; Kerry has reportedly had several sessions with Iranian leadership.

And not only has he been talking to them, he has also been advising them to sit on the sidelines and wait for Trump to be removed from office.

Meanwhile, Trump is not the only one concerned with Kerry’s dealings. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) demanded action by the Justice Department against Kerry last year.

Nothing ever came of that, but with Attorney General William Barr at the helm instead of Jeff Sessions, perhaps there is some hope for justice.

Possible Prosecution

For his part, Kerry’s office has argued that the former secretary of State is not in violation of the Logan Act because he helped structure the Iranian deal in question.

However, Kerry is no longer a government employee and has no right to discuss these matters, regardless of his prior role. Unless Trump picks up the phone and asks for his help, he cannot discuss issues like these.

That’s why the president wants to see Kerry held accountable.

“Frankly, he should be prosecuted,” Trump said. Listen on:

Of course, considering that there have only been two indictments under the act in more than 200 years, the odds are against anything actually sticking — but you never know.

As the Logan Act is laid out, it would seem that this is slam-dunk case against Kerry. We can only hope Bill Barr will do something with it.

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