Trump Accuser Officially Drops Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Former campaign staffer Alva Johnson said on Wednesday that she will dropping her lawsuit against Donald Trump for supposedly “forcibly” kissing her back in 2016.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes interviewed Mrs. Johnson while she was sobbing and wailing as she recounted how she felt after the Billy Bush tape was released – which she admits gave her the idea of going after Trump.

”So when I heard the audio (Billy Bush tape) I was screaming in my car, I’m like ‘oh my God that exactly what he did to me.’”

She later claimed that she gave up work over the incident:

“I never went back to work… I was afraid.”

Alva says that she’s dropping the lawsuit because Trump has “unlimited resources” at his disposal and the fight would be too hard for her to win.

She told the Daily Beast:

“I’m fighting against a person with unlimited resources, and repeatedly the judicial system has failed to find fault in his behavior. That’s a huge mountain to climb.”

However, many people are questioning Alva’s real motives…

It’s much more probable to assume that she’s dropping the lawsuit because a leaked video of her kissing Trump shows that the kiss was completely voluntary on her part – which means she would probably lose the lawsuit anyway.

You can even watch the video of Trump kissing Alva here.

Also, in June, a judge dismissed the complaint filed by Alva Johnson against President Trump that seems to have defeated her crusade against the president before it ever began – which, in all likelihood, means that this topic will remained a closed issue in the future.

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