Trudeau Wants Hard Drugs Available for Kids!

April 6, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Canada has moved, on several issues, to an extreme, such as assisted suicide (freely available), transgenderism (a protected class), and speech limits.

Now it apparently is trying to take the point in the move to make drugs legal. That would be hard drugs – for children.

report from Newpunch has revealed, "Justin Trudeau has announced plans to legalize hard drugs for children, including heroin and crack cocaine, as part of a new radical policy aimed at destigmatizing drug addiction."

The report said the city of Toronto is setting the pace.

According to True North, that city already has developed a plan to make all "hard drugs" available for "any age."

"Toronto’s request is even more lenient than the decriminalization order granted to the entire province of British Columbia by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau earlier this year. The city is asking that the federal government grant a Health Canada exemption for all drugs extending even to children," the report said.

"In British Columbia’s case, the granted exemption only applies to adults. "

The city told the federal government, in its lobbying efforts, "Criminalization does not effectively deter youth substance use. The data show that youth in Toronto between the ages of 12 and 17 use unregulated drugs and are vulnerable to the same harms associated with criminalization as adults."

The report suggests, "Toronto’s plan does not limit the amount of drugs that can be possessed for personal use. But the city still claims that it will investigate drug trafficking and other violations."

Toronto apparently would include some exemptions, so that the drugs-for-all policies would not apply in child care facilities, airports, or schools.

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