‘So many people have turned against us’: NY State Troopers union endorses Trump

While New York is widely expected to be an easy win for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Election Day, it is clear that one community within the state is largely siding with President Donald Trump.

According to the New York Post, the New York State Troopers Police Benevolent Association has announced its endorsement of the incumbent Republican for re-election. 

“And Joe Biden stands with them”

The bad news for Biden comes as a number of Democratic officials and activists are advocating for defunding or abolishing law-enforcement agencies in communities across the U.S.

While Biden has distanced his platform from the more radical calls from within his party, Trump and others have nevertheless portrayed him as a vessel through which a progressive agenda could be implemented.

The Trump campaign has released a series of ads targeting Biden for remarks about taxes and immigration, among other hot-button issues.

“The radical leftwing mob’s agenda?” one television spot begins, as Axios reported. “Take over our cities. Defund the police. Pressure more towns to follow. And Joe Biden stands with them.”

Echoing those talking points, Vice President Mike Pence has declared Biden a “Trojan horse for a radical agenda,” according to The Guardian.

“Donald Trump has our back”

The Democratic Party’s stance on policing appears to have further cemented the law-enforcement community’s general support of the Trump administration.

This week’s endorsement by the New York State Troopers union marked the second such association in the state to throw its support behind the president’s re-election bid, following a similar move by the New York City PBA.

“Donald Trump has our back,” Thomas Mungeer, the union’s president, said, according to the New York Post. “President Trump has supported us when so many people have turned against us.”

In his statement of support for Trump, he also took a shot at the former vice president, asserting that “Joe Biden supported cops in the past but he’s turned his back on us” and “has taken anti-police stands that pander to his base.”

Of course, the support of police unions is not likely to tip the scales of the entire state in Trump’s favor. As the president’s deficit continues to shrink in recent polls, however, any momentum in his favor is sure to spell trouble for the Biden campaign.

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