Liberal troll disrupts North Carolina Trump rally

Trump’s rally in North Carolina was going along great, and then…

A liberal protester attacked the rally by yelling and holding up a picture of Trump and Jeffrey Epstein with the words “child rapist” on it, the Daily Mail reports. For his efforts, the man was apprehended and detained by local authorities.

Another Bogus Narrative

The media is doing everything it can to link Donald Trump to Jeffrey Epstein.

Because the two of them were at a few parties at the same time, the media is trying to make it appears though they were best friends.

In reality, both of them were billionaires in a community full of wealthy Americans. Let’s face the facts, who do you think gets invited to those parties? The everyday working man?

Of course not, so the fact Trump and Epstein were seen in the same circles should surprise no one.

The real story is in how Trump handled Epstein when a young woman at his resort complained about Epstein. There was no effort to coverup the incident or any sympathy for Epstein. He was just removed and banned him from the resort for life.

Back to Business

Once the protester was removed, it was back to business for Trump.

As usual, Trump’s rally sounded more like a rock concert or sporting event. It did not take Trump very long to launch into an extensive attack against Ilhan Omar.

After Trump listed her complaints and attacks against the country, the crowd started chanting, “Send her back!”

While Trump has been criticized by the media for his attacks on The Squad, he refused to back down, believing this particular argument is helping his case, not hurting it.

By the most recent poll results, he is right, because his approval rating is about as high as it has ever been and he is back up around 50% to win re-election.

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