Trio of suspects arrested for three separate attacks involving police cruisers at officers’ homes

Police officers in Gwinnett County, Georgia, were reportedly targeted by a group of possible rioters who had tracked them to their homes.

As civil unrest has spread to every area of the country in the wake of George Floyd’s death, reports of violence against police officers and protesters have been consistent. In this case, three patrol cars were targeted by the subjects who threw Molotov cocktails at two of the vehicles and smashed the windows of a third, according to Georgia’s 11Alive.

Police say three suspects — 21-year-old Alvin Joseph of Lawrenceville, 20-year-old Lakaila Mack of Dacula, and 21-year-old Ebuka Chike-Morah of Duluth — were arrested in connection with the attacks, 11Alive reported.

“Violent opportunists”

The incident comes amid rising concern for the safety of law enforcement officers, with federal authorities warning agencies that “violent opportunists” could target them where they live.

According to ABC News, an FBI advisory indicated that rioters had searched for the home addresses of police and the trio of attacks in Georgia should result in more robust security measures for departments across the country.

After a string of violent encounters between police and protesters in recent weeks, the risk of further violence seems high. So far, looters fatally shot a police chief in St. Louis, Missouri, and an officer in Las Vegas, Nevada, was critically injured in a shooting.

“99% of them are great”

Both political parties have expressed a desire to see an end to the violence, but many of the anti-police protesters are taking their activism a step further with calls to defund or dismantle entire law enforcement agencies.

President Donald Trump has spoken out firmly against such proposals, however, vowing there “won’t be defunding, there won’t be dismantling of our police, and there is not going to be any disbanding of police” under his administration, as ABC reported.

“We want to make sure we don’t have any bad actors in there, and sometimes, you’ll see some horrible things like we witnessed recently,” Trump said, adding that he believes “99% of them are great, great people, and they’ve done jobs that are record-setting.”

New York Police Benevolent Association President Mike O’Meara has also spoken out against what he sees as unfair treatment of all police as a result of murder charges against ex-Minneapolis Police Department officer Derek Chauvin, according to the U.K.’s Independent.

O’Meara said officers are being treated like “animals and thugs” despite the fact that the vast majority of interactions between police and the public are positive.

With threats and actual acts of violence against officers becoming increasingly common, it is clearly time for Americans to come together regardless of political party and work to end these senseless attacks.

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