‘Triggered’: Trump Jr. shares his experience with social media censorship

In a new book titled “Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us,” Donald Trump, Jr. provides an unvarnished look at how the “liberal elite” seeks to smear conservatives and eliminate their voices from the public square, through “political correctness” or Big Tech censorship.

In an exclusive excerpt published by Breitbart, President Donald Trump’s eldest son shared some of his personal experiences with social media censorship, in particular, from Instagram and Twitter.

Silencing conservatives

Trump, Jr. noted that the social media platforms are not “inherently a bad thing” and pointed out that, if not for the prolific use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others, his father may not have been able to sidestep the bias of the mainstream media and get his message out to the American people in 2016 — quite possibly losing the election to Hillary Clinton in the process.

“But as soon as my father was elected, the tide turned. Twitter and Facebook decided to use all their power against him and any conservatives who support him,” he wrote.

He noted that the majority of the staff at all of the major social media platforms are left-leaning liberals and that the top executives of those companies are helping lead the assault against the free speech of right-leaning and independent Americans.

“They ban the accounts of conservatives for fraudulent charges of hate speech, hide our posts via algorithms that no one understands, and write their terms and conditions to excuse the casual racism and violence of the left,” he wrote. “In this day and age, when social media are the new public square, this ‘shadow banning’ amounts to a complete suppression of freedom of speech. It can’t be allowed to continue.”

Social media trickery

Trump Jr. reiterated his observation that social media was a great way for him and his father to get their message out to the American people without the “spinmasters at CNN or the New York Times” being able to “chop it up and rearrange it first.” He wrote, “At least that was how I thought it worked.”

He shared how he’d heard from followers and supporters about how his posts were disappearing from their feeds, how some had been temporarily suspended or locked-out of their accounts simply for sharing one of his posts, or how old posts from years ago were being dug up and used as an excuse to be punished now.

One particular example he shared was how a post to his own Instagram account had been mysteriously taken down, one that included a rather snarky and sarcastic quip about the infamous Jussie Smollett fake “hate crime” hoax. Instagram claimed at the time that his post presented a “danger” to some people, even while vile threats from the left were ignored by the platform.

Trump, Jr. later wrote of that incident, “After the damage was done, Instagram said it was a mistake. Funny how these mistakes happen only to conservative posts.”

If they can shadow-ban the president, they can shadow-ban you

Trump, Jr. also discussed “shadow-banning” and how he’d noticed that, while analytics showed his posts were still receiving similar user impressions as in the past, he wasn’t gaining any new followers. After he publicly pointed it out, he “magically” began to receive new followers again.

“Take a minute and think about this: if they can do it to me with millions of followers, if they can do it to the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!!, do you think you’re safe from their biased influence?” Trump, Jr. wrote. “I didn’t think so.” He’s absolutely right, and we all need to stand up and make our voices heard against it.

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