Native American tribe calls Biden moratorium on oil and gas permits a ‘direct attack’

A Native American tribe is calling President Joe Biden’s new energy policy barring agencies from issuing approvals for oil, gas, and coal development an attack on their “sovereignty,” The Washington Times reports.

The Ute Indian Tribe of the Uintah and Ouray Reservation runs an oil and gas operation on their reservation, which has funded their tribe for over 70 years. According to the Times, they are requesting an exception from an order by Biden that authorized halting the issuance of all permits and leases.

Your order is a direct attack on our economy, sovereignty, and our right to self-determination,” chairman of the Ute Indian Tribe Business Committee, Luke Duncan, said in a letter to Biden.

As many expected, Biden is wasting little time going after the energy industry despite the inevitable damage such action will do to an economy already struggling to recover.

Biden attacking energy industry

For the Ute Indian Tribe, oil and gas is the industry that provides their people opportunities to succeed. “The Ute Indian Tribe and other energy producing tribes rely on energy development to fund our governments and provide services to our members,” Duncan said in his letter.

The Ute Indian Tribe will be suffering along with the rest of America as Biden and the Democratic Party lay waste to an energy industry that is a key part of our way of life.

Biden has already killed thousands of jobs by canceling the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. Biden’s decision to revoke the pipeline’s permit will directly kill an estimated 11,000 jobs, with 60,000 secondary jobs also being lost, Breitbart reports.

This is just the beginning of what will be a long four years for the country. Biden’s attacks on the energy industry will have a ripple effect on the entire economy, and everyone but a small few will be adversely impacted.

“The president has a choice to make: He can maintain U.S. leadership and maintain and support our economic recovery with American energy or he can pursue policies that destroy jobs and at the same time increase energy imports,” Frank Macchiarola, senior vice president of Policy, Economics and Regulatory Affairs at the American Petroleum Institute, said, according to Breitbart. “The first few days should concern all Americans because the administration is clearly taking actions that are going to harm the economy and cost Americans jobs.”

Long years ahead

Biden has succeeded in killing thousands of good-paying jobs for America’s blue-collar workers in just days. The prospects for the next four years are bleak at best, and when all is said and done, we may be once again relying on foreign energy to power our society.

President Donald Trump worked to create a strong energy industry that freed us from OPEC’s tyranny and shifted the dynamics of world politics by simply doing the right thing.

Even the Wall Street Journal is sounding the alarm on Biden and his terrible policies. For Americans like the Ute Indian Tribe, it’s a stark reminder that voting matters, and voting for Biden has already had catastrophic effects.

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