Trey Gowdy outlines Republican strategy for Mueller questioning

Former congressman Trey Gowdy was a federal prosecutor who never lost a case and was known for his brutal efficiency. Robert Mueller had better thank his lucky stars Gowdy will not be questioning him in front of the House judiciary committee.

Even though he is now retired from Congress, Gowdy came onto Fox for an interview and laid out the strategy Republicans should follow. He instructed Republicans to take the nuclear option in their limited time, destroying the last bit of doubt about Trump’s innocence.

Gowdy’s thoughts on Mueller

Gowdy advised that Republicans must use their time efficiently.

He stated, “You have a very narrow goal. Start with bias. You got [fired FBI counterintelligence official] Peter Strzok because he wanted [2016 Democratic nominee Hillary] Clinton to win and Trump to lose.”

Mueller was never truly forced to explain the Strzok situation. The bias in the people Mueller hired was well documented and yet he faced no consequences. For the longest time, Mueller was treated like a sacred cow by Trump’s enemies.

The real question that was ignored

Trey Gowdy not only questioned the bias of the Mueller investigation, but also what the Mueller investigation covered up. We were all so busy talking about Russia that no one talked about our own government’s role in the debacle.

Fox News reports:

We spent two years focused on whether a foreign country was going to influence or interfere with our election. Mueller, did you look at our own government? Did you look at what our own people were doing to maybe put their finger on the scale?

This is a legitimate question that a lot of powerful people don’t want to be explored. Powerful people that may include the past president.

The New York Post reports:

Less than a year ago, we learned the Obama administration had used a confidential informant — a spy — to approach at least three Trump campaign officials in the months leading up to the 2016 election.

This was explained by saying it was part of investigating Russia, but that is questionable. An attempt to embed a stinger in the Trump campaign during the election surely could have been a political move. Especially considering the investigation was started by using evidence paid for by the Clinton campaign.

Imagine if the Bush administration had spied on Obama’s campaign in 2008? It would have been a massive scandal. The fact that the same thing, politically inversed, is given a pass is wrong. Gowdy is right on the money — these questions must be asked.

Why didn’t Mueller investigate election meddling by the sitting administration? Hopefully, the Republicans asking questions won’t play softball with Mueller and we will finally get some real answers.

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