Trey Gowdy predicts problems for the FBI as Durham, Barr close in

A bipartisan report on allegations of interference by Russia in the 2016 presidential election was recently released by the Senate Intelligence Committee, and while it essentially absolved President Donald Trump of the conspiratorial accusations against him, it had little nice to say about how the FBI handled its investigation of those allegations in 2016. Now, former South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy, a Republican and ex-prosecutor, is speaking out.

In an interview with Fox News on Wednesday, Gowdy blasted the FBI’s shoddy investigative work and spilled the beans about what the future could hold for the bureau: U.S. Attorney John Durham and Attorney General Bill Barr are likely to soon release even more damaging information about what transpired in the months leading up to and immediately following Trump’s inauguration, Gowdy said, according to the Washington Examiner — and it could mean trouble for the nation’s top intelligence officials.

Gowdy’s comments came during an appearance by the former congressman on Fox News’ The Story with host Martha MacCallum.

“Chris Wray’s problem”

There, Gowdy riffed on the Senate Intel panel’s findings and lamented that the FBI — the “world’s premier law enforcement agency” — has continuously failed to meet “basic expectations,” as Fox News reported.

“It is one thing, Martha, to use information that’s not been vetted. That’s bad, but that’s one thing,” Gowdy said, according to Fox. “It is another thing to use information you know is unreliable, you know it is not accurate, and still continue to use it. This is [former FBI Director] Jim Comey’s problem. But quite frankly, Martha, it has become [current FBI Director] Chris Wray’s problem.”

Gowdy went on to promise that Wray will have his hands full once Durham and Barr close in.

“There are more things coming out with the Durham report that show the FBI’s primary concern is its own reputation,” he told MacCallum, according to the Washington Examiner. Take a look:

“More to come”

According to the Examiner, Gowdy again broached the subject during an appearance with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Thursday.

“I think there’s more to come” about the FBI’s wrongdoing, Gowdy told Tapper, according to the Examiner. He didn’t mention Barr or Durham by name, however.

It has been made clear by what’s been made public thus far that Gowdy is right about at least one thing: the FBI acted unethically in its investigation of Trump and his associates in late 2016 and early 2017.

Hopefully, Gowdy is also right that accountability will soon be on the way for those involved. The question remains, however, whether the FBI will ever be able to repair its severely tarnished reputation.

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