Gowdy says Trump would be better off with jury trial than House impeachment investigation

President Donald Trump is getting some fairly radical advice from some of his most high-profile supporters these days.

After Sean Hannity challenged Democrats to impeach Trump, former GOP congressman Trey Gowdy is joining the chorus recommending Trump accept an indictment on obstruction of justice.

Gowdy thinks a jury trial would be more fair than a long, drawn-out Congressional impeachment investigation run by biased Democrats. Watch below:

Take Your Chances

At first, it sounds as though Gowdy has lost his mind. However, he actually has some rather sound reasoning behind his bizarre advice.

If Trump is impeached, House Democrats are going to be running the show. An impeachment would likely occupy the remaining days of his first time. The President would be tied up with the impeachment and the likelihood of anything getting accomplished is nil.

Gowdy then went on to say the policy of not indicting a sitting president is a DOJ policy, not a Supreme Court precedent. He believes the President should waive the policy and tell the Democrats “if you have enough” evidence “to indict me, go ahead and do it.”

Gowdy further stated Trump would have a far better chance going up against a jury of “12 reasonable minded fellow citizens” than he would against the Democrats.

Faulty Reasoning

While there is some logic to what Gowdy is saying, his entire premise is based on the fact there would be 12 reasonable jurors in the box.

What happens when all challenges are exhausted and the majority of the jury candidates are liberals with an agenda?

That proposition actually sounds far riskier than letting the House Democrats do their thing, and then leave it up to the Senate to decide.

Furthermore, there are still a considerable amount of Democrats that do not support impeachment.

Gowdy, though, sounds like he is just as frustrated as the rest of us and is merely looking for clarity on the matter. Let’s have a decision, one way or the other, and let’s move past this.

Democrats, for the good of the country, need to pull the trigger on impeachment or drop their investigations.

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