Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg on ‘secret’ paid leave since August: Report

President Joe Biden and his administration face a growing number of challenges that could alter the course of America for the foreseeable future but instead of tackling the primary problems head-on, many of Biden’s people seem to be missing in action.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, as the United States struggles with a serious supply chain disruption, partly due to a backlog of container ships sitting off of the West Coast, Transporation Secretary Pete Buttigieg reportedly has other priorities, including taking a “secret” paid leave since August.

Politico revealed the news, as Buttigieg’s office reportedly told the outlet that the secretary was on leave to help his husband, Chasten, welcome their two adopted sons into the family.

Where’s Pete?

Biden’s administration is doing such a poor job at handling virtually any crisis thrown at them that, lucky for us, it has created a rare moment in time where usually Biden-friendly outlets are starting to ask questions a bit more challenging than what the president’s favorite ice cream flavors are.

Buttigieg’s absence didn’t go unnoticed, especially as he was nowhere to be seen while the White House and Democrats desperately attempted to sell the $3.5 trillion spending package to America, along with the “bipartisan” $1.1 trillion infrastructure bill.

The young Cabinet member hasn’t said much on the state of the container ship backlog currently disrupting the American supply chain, which could wreak havoc on a holiday season for businesses counting on a comeback from the pandemic-induced losses of last year.

The Beacon noted that Buttigieg’s absence has coincided with Biden’s shocking drop in approval ratings, and as the administration as a whole fails to make good on campaign promises of bringing American together and getting America back on track, post-pandemic.

It was also noted that while Buttigieg was enjoying paid leave while the U.S. economy morphs into a dumpster fire, a documentary titled Mayor Pete made its debut at the Chicago International Film Festival. Priorities, right?

Buttigieg’s prediction

It appears as if someone let Buttigieg know that he’s kind of needed at the moment, as according to Fox Business, he made an appearance Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union, where he issued a dire warning about the state of the supply chain crisis.

“Certainly a lot of the challenges that we’ve been experiencing this year will continue into next year,” Buttigieg said when asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper how long Americans can expect disruptions.

He would go on to promote both the infrastructure bill and the radically progressive $3.5 trillion spending bill, saying that he believes Americans need both bills passed.

Only time will tell if Buttigieg decides to do his actual job and help tackle what could be an unprecedented disruption that affects the upcoming holiday season and beyond, but it doesn’t appear as if he’s properly motivated to do so.

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