Transgender with 'Communist Manifesto' Planned to Shoot Up Schools, Churches

April 7, 2023
World Net Daily

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Police in Colorado, where there already is a long and deadly history of school shootings starting with Columbine in the 1990s, say they have arrested a male, who portrays himself as a female, for allegedly scheming a series of shootings at schools and churches.

He was found to have a "Communist Manifesto."

KDVR television explained the 18th Judicial District attorney's office filed formal charges against a 19-year-old who allegedly planned shootings at multiple schools within Academy School District 20.

The suspect was identified as William Whitworth, who calls himself Lilly Whitworth, and authorities said he's facing charges of criminal attempt to commit first-degree murder, criminal mischief, menacing and more.

Officials confirmed he attended Prairie Hills Elementary, Home School Academy, and Timberview Middle School in the district, but only for short periods.

The report explained an affidavit revealed a deputy in the Elbert County sheriff's office was summoned to a disturbance in Elbert because a caller explained "Lilly Whitworth" was threatening to shoot up a school.

The arrest came just days after a woman, Audrey Hale, portraying herself as a male, shot and killed three children and three adults at a Christian school in Nashville.

Fox News said the latest suspect, 19, under questioning, "admitted" to planning a school shooting, with Timberview the main target.

The report said, "Arrest papers showed deputies found a drawn layout of the school and a manifesto filled with 'schizophrenic rants' and mentions of serial killers, politicians, and entertainers, including the Columbine shooters and former President Trump."

Whitworth was being held on a $75,000 bond.

School officials said staff and parents were warned of the threat. And they said the court had ordered a protection order for Timberview as well as Pioneer Elementary and Pine Creek High.

The New York Post bluntly labeled the suspect "wannabe shooter Lilly Whitworth" and said he owned the "Communist Manifesto."

Whitworth had lashed out angrily at President Donald Trump as a "con man" in his writings.

The Post report said Whitworth "also reportedly wrote that Columbine High School shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were 'losers' and Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter Adam Lanza was 'smart.'"

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