'Trans man' curses out religious pharmacist for refusing to give her male hormones

June 29, 2023
World Net Daily

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Roscoe Rike, a woman identifying as a trans man, cussed out a pharmacy employee at an Oakland Walgreens store last week for refusing to dispense her cross-sex hormones. The pharmacist said it would violate his religious beliefs.

Rike then went on to condemn religious people as always having "the most [f---king] hate in their hearts."

The Daily Mail reported Monday: "Currently transitioning from female to male, Rike says he has been a customer at the store for years – picking up his HRT [hormone replacement therapy] medication to move along his conversion. ... That changed Monday when he was denied that medication by the pharmacist on staff, on the basis that giving him the pills would violate his religious beliefs."

The shorter video below by "Judgy Emoji" below captures the exchange between Rike and the Walgreens employee, covering up her swear words.

The longer Twitter video below by "Universal Life" captures more of the exchange between her and the Walgreens employee, named Malik. Oddly, though Rike blasts religious people as being the most hateful, it is she who cusses out Malik, who remains calm and does not respond in kind.

As shown in the video, after being refused the HRT "medicine," Rike launched into a tirade that accused religious people of being the worst "haters." The Daily Mail, which manages to refer to Rike as both a "she" and a "he" in its article, reports:

"So right now you're telling me that you're going to deny me my medication because of your religion," Rike is heard telling the man in the footage, which has since been pulled but not before going viral.

"You're not my [f***ing] doctor," she adds.

The clip shows the torso of the unidentified pharmacist standing at the pharmacy computer, looking at a computer screen and clicking a mouse silently as Rike continues with her tirade.

'So you think you know better than my doctor, is that what's going on?' she goes on to ask, audibly upset.

The pharmacist replies by allegedly issuing a request he aired before Rike began filming after he reportedly failed to recognize the hormone medication the customer was requesting.

'I just need to know the diagnosis', he is heard saying – to which Rike snipes: 'That's none of your f**king business.'

For good measure, the Oaklander goes on to add: 'It's always the religious people that have the most [f***ing] hate in their hearts.

'You're disgusting.'

A Walgreens spokesman told the Christian Post that it is investigating the matter: "Our policies are designed to ensure we meet the needs of our patients and customers while respecting the religious and moral beliefs of our team members. ... In an instance where a team member has a religious or moral conviction that prevents them from meeting a patient's need, we require the team member to refer the patient to another employee or manager on duty who can complete the transaction. These instances, however, are very rare."

Christian and religious pharmacists, including those employed by Walgreens, have fought over the years for the right not to have to dispense abortion-inducing drugs in violation of their conscience. In recent years such concerns have dramatically expanded to pharmacists and doctors seeking to avoid taking any role in trans "gender transitions,", especially for minors and young people.

The Daily Mail reports (we have adjusted the pronouns) that "in [her] Reddit post, Rike revealed [she] got the medication [she] requested after [she] demanded to speak to a manager – a request that was granted by a pharmacy technician."

Rike said, 'The manager who arrived apologized profusely, as did a few of the other workers," DM reported.

Rike, on her now-private Instagram page, identifies as "just a trans boy doing puppy things. are " The transgene transfer Instagram handle is "puproscoe92."

Rike said she will be working with the Transgender Law Center on a potential lawsuit, and that she would file an official complaint with Walgreens' corporate office.

Meanwhile, Daily Signal reported Wednesday that a Walgreens store in Dallas "is quietly housing a transgender clinic where patients can go [to] get referrals for transgender transition hormones":

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