Trainer reveals Ruth Bader Ginsburg has jumped back into her vigorous workout schedule

Remember when all the pundits were predicting that Ruth Bader Ginsburg would retire?

Well, her trainer says different. In fact, he says, RBG is back to doing planks and pushups during her workout routine.

Back to Normal

There were more than a few people who thought Ginsburg’s latest bout with cancer would end her career on the bench.

It was bad enough that she had broken her ribs, but having to undergo cancer surgery, again, would surely make RBG think twice about retiring.

As has been her history, though, Ginsburg looked the adversity right in the face and continued on.

While she did miss time on the bench during arguments for the first time in her career, she has now reportedly fully recovered from her latest health problems.

During a birthday celebration for the liberal justice, her trainer, Bryant Johnson, encouraged everyone to #PlankLikeRBG.

Justice or Rock Star?

The public support for Ginsburg is unprecedented.

Most justices only see their names in headlines when a controversial decision is handed down.

In Ginsburg’s case, though, she has become somewhat of a cult figure among liberals.

After all, you know you’ve made it big when they make a figure for you in The Lego Movie.

Her legend has been further reinforced by a new Hollywood flick depicting the early years of her career fighting for the rights of women.

Clearly, Ginsburg is not going anywhere anytime soon, and all signs point to her being on the bench for at least two more years — possibly longer.

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