Tragedy strikes West Point as cadet dies in accident

The cadets at West Point know they will be putting their lives on the line at some point, but is truly tragic when that moment comes before they ever take the field of battle.

For the unnamed cadet, that moment happened on Friday, when a vehicle overturned during a training exercise.

Training Accident

The fallen cadet was joined by several fellow cadets and regular army soldiers on the exercise. They were traveling in a light medium tactical vehicle when it overturned.

West Point has yet to release the name of the dead cadet. Twenty other cadets were injured as were two regular army soldiers.

According to reports, the vehicle was traveling on New York State Route 293 when the accident occurred. This is just outside the gates of the main campus and about 50 miles outside of New York City.

The Academy stated the cadets and soldiers were headed to a field training site.

Superintendent Lt. Gen. Darryl Williams stated, “The cadets were involved in a standard training exercise that occurs as part of the military training program here.

“It is not uncommon for these vehicles to turn over. It is a very rough terrain … [but] we don’t know the details of how the accident actually happened.”

Presidential Outreach

Even though President Trump was abroad, the accident was brought to his attention immediately.

Trump sent out condolences to the cadet’s family as well as well wishes for the injured.

This death is the second death of a West Point cadet this year.

The earlier death was Cadet Peter Zhu, who died during a skiing accident.

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