‘Trafficker-in-chief’: GOP lawmaker rips Biden for failing to secure border

A Republican member of Congress just charged President Joe Biden with being the nation’s “trafficker-in-chief.

According to Breitbart, Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) ripped Biden over his failure to secure the U.S.–Mexico border in a recent appearance on Fox News Live.

Cammack promised that when Republicans take back the majority in the House, they’ll push through legislation to address what she’s calling an all-out crisis at the border.

“[W]hen we have the majority, we will be passing this legislation, sending it to the president’s desk,” Cammack said, according to Breitbart. “If he chooses to veto it, then that is on his hands,” the congresswoman added. “We know that he is a trafficker-in-chief.”

Where’s Waldo?

Cammack is now at least the second Florida Republican to accuse Biden of turning a blind eye to human trafficking. The other is Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), who in mid-December charged Biden with running a “human smuggling operation.”

“Well, actually, the Biden administration puts people on planes and flies them into Florida in the wee hours of the morning,” DeSantis said in an interview with Fox News, referring to migrants. “They’ve done over 70 flights in the last six months, dump people here.”

Speaking with Fox over the weekend, Cammack said “no one” in Washington “wants to take responsibility” for the problem.

“This is the ‘Where’s Waldo?’ administration,” she said Saturday, according to Breitbart. “No one can be found.”

“What we have here is a crisis”

“Of course, the data that you just showed points to the fact that, no, the border is not secure,” Cammack added in her recent talk with Fox. “And you cannot have a secure nation unless you have secure borders. And if you don’t have secure borders, you’re not a safe, sovereign nation.”

She went on: “What we have here is a crisis. It’s a border crisis, as we’ve all seen throughout the year. And what this administration has done is turn every town in America into a border town.”

The solution? Cammack says Republicans “will have a plan ready to go come January when the 118th Congress starts.”

“And I think that’s important,” she said, “because we have said that’s necessary to win in the midterms.”

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